Brivo + Eagle Eye Networks Integration


With cameras integrated into your access control system, you can review live events and recorded video directly in your Brivo Onair interface.


Brivo Onair is the cloud-based access control and video solution for Simply Better Security. And now that Brivo Onair is fully integrated with Eagle Eye Networks, we offer an even better and more comprehensive solution!

In this short video, you’ll see how the integration works, and learn the new functionality in the Brivo Onair user interface.

With Brivo Onair, our cloud-based platform takes care of the heavy lifting for your access control and video system—and you can access and administer it from anywhere, using any computer with a web browser. Now that our intuitive interface integrates Eagle Eye networks, it makes your work as a system administrator even simpler. Here’s what to look for in the Brivo Onair user interface:

On the Home page, you will see two new shortcut buttons:

  • One for Brivo Mobile Pass
  • One for the Eagle Eye video integration

If you have not yet set up your Brivo Onair account to integrate with the purchased and installed video equipment in your Eagle Eye account:

  1. Log in to your Brivo Onair account, and click the View Eagle Eye shortcut button on the Home page to open the Account Settings page.
  2. Enter your Eagle Eye credentials and click the Save button.

You have now created a seamless sync between your Onair and Eagle Eye accounts!

Next, associate your Eagle Eye cameras with your Brivo Onair account:

  1. After you’ve successfully logged in to your Brivo Onair account, hover your mouse over the Setup tab in the top menu bar, go down to Video in the drop-down menu, then click on Eagle Eye Directory in the submenu.
  2. The directory page lists all Eagle Eye cameras currently associated with your Brivo Onair account. To add cameras to this directory, click the New Eagle Eye Camera button near the top of the page.    
  3. On the New Eagle Eye Camera page, enter a name for the camera, associate a site from the drop-down list, and associate a device.
  4. Choose the desired camera from the camera drop-down list, which lists all the cameras installed in your Eagle Eye account that have not yet been associated with Brivo Onair, then click the Save button.

That’s it! When your cameras have been associated with your Brivo Onair account, you can review event-based live and recorded video directly in your Brivo Onair interface.

What’s more, as a master or senior Onair administrator, clicking the View Eagle Eye button on the Home page will take you straight to your Eagle Eye account, logged in and ready to go. Now that’s Simply Better Security!


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  • Discover how migrating to a cloud-based access control system or, better yet, a complete security platform can increase

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