Barefoot Resort Moves To Cloud-Based Access


Learn how a 2,300-acre resort with multiple communities improved security by choosing the Brivo cloud-based access control solution.


Learn how a 2300-acre resort with multiple communities improved security administration by choosing Brivo’s cloud-based access control solution in this short video.

The bottom line: “It’s much easier to take care of our access needs.”

Barefoot Resort is a 2,300-acre vacation paradise in Myrtle Beach. The resort has multiple, communities, and is home to a number of pools, golf courses, tennis courts, bike trails and walking paths.

Omni Management Services manages resort operations, oversees many of the resort’s separate communities and directs their homeowner associations.

Previously, all the Omni Management communities relied on standard lock-and-key and telephone access systems to protect their facilities. However, the telephone entry systems proved inefficient, and Omni was concerned that the thousands of keys in circulation represented a significant expense whenever rekeying was needed, while also presenting a security risk.

So managers at Omni were already looking for a more effective way to manage access to the properties, when Joey James of Security Technologies of the Palmetto (STOP) suggested  Brivo’s cloud-based access control solution.

Omni tried the Brivo solution at the Barefoot Resort Club and at one of its condominium communities, the Clearwater Bay Condominiums.To say the installations were a success would be an understatement.

“I was thrilled,” said Pam Basilicato, community association manager at Omni Management. “We didn’t hesitate to install Brivo at more properties.”

Since then, Brivo solutions have been installed at pools, clubhouses and additional communities and residential units. Brivo now manages 24 access points across five of Omni’s properties, serving more than 3,000 Barefoot Resort residents, visitors, staff and vendors.

“With Brivo, I’m much more productive. We’re constantly getting calls from residents and guests, and now it’s so easy to take care of their access needs,” Basilicato added. “I’ve had no difficulty convincing any of my boards to adopt Brivo. They’re very happy that we’re more efficient and effective in meeting their needs.”

More effective in meeting your needs: That’s Simply Better Security, from Brivo.   


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