East Shore Athletic Club Gets 24/7 Access


Learn how this multi-site facility gained an advantage by offering members 24/7 access without the extra costs of staffing around the clock.


Learn how this multi-facility regional health and fitness club gains an important competitive advantage by offering its members 24/7 access to its facilities – without the extra costs of staffing around the clock.

The answer is their Brivo Onair cloud-based access control and video surveillance solution. The Brivo solution is fully integrated with ClubReady, the club’s membership management software, making life much easier for the club’s managers!


Charleston, South Carolina is home to the East Shore Athletic Club, a full-service health and fitness club with 12 locations throughout the region. The health and fitness category is fiercely competitive. East Shore must compete for every member against well-funded national chains as well as other local clubs.

Any benefit the club can offer to its members can be a differentiator and a significant advantage.

That’s why it’s so valuable for East Shore Athletic to be able to offer their members round-the-clock access to their club and its facilities, even when the club is not staffed, thanks to their Brivo Onair cloud-based access control solution.   

Even better for club management, the Brivo Onair system is integrated through its API with the club’s membership management software, ClubReady.

Cortney Hanson, general manager of East Shore Athletic Club, explains: “ClubReady is our go-to for anything membership related, whether it be selling a membership, selling a personal training package, or accessing a member’s account.

“Then Brivo steps in and helps us with access through our 24-hour access doors, and allows our members to access the facilities when we are unstaffed, which is a great benefit.”

In essence, the Brivo Onair system taps the membership information that’s already housed in ClubReady – in real time – to provide access to active members in good standing. Club managers aren’t required to enter any special information into the Brivo system to provide access to their members.

“It has really enhanced our ability to manage our members and manage our facilities,” says Hanson. “We know who has access when, we’re able to track anyone, and we know where we can get that information easily and quickly – it’s very convenient. It’s great software.”

Brivo Onair: Simply Better Security.


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