Access Control For Small Business

Focus on achieving your business goals knowing that your employees, facility and data are secure.

  • Protecting your employees without a lock down is important for their personal security while giving them the flexibility to enter the buildings without you being present at all times
  • Securing your facility will prevent unauthorized trespassers and potential loss of value assets, such as computers and equipment
  • Safeguarding customer data can help you defend against costly breaches
Did you know that for every lost or stolen record that contains sensitive information you could be paying $158 per record.  A breach can originate from a stolen computer, a stolen file in your office or an employee leaving their computer unlocked in your office. (IBM Cost of Data Breach Study).
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What are the benefits?

  • Give the convenience of mobile access to your employees so they can enter your office with just their smartphone, no more excuses for forgetting their access card
  • Monitor who comes in and out of your building at all times and only provide access to authorized employees
  • Manage entry into your building remotely so when your employees forget their keys or access cards, you can allow entry and open the door from the comfort of your home or anywhere you may be
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Case Study

Remote Access Replaces “Keys to the Kingdom” for a Small Church in IL

Why Brivo?

Make the right choice for your small business.
  • No dedicated IT professional? No problem! Our solution is built with that in mind
  • Support from real people - when you need it (you can talk to real people who understand your needs)
  • Cost conscious. We are a small business ourselves and appreciate the need to reduce hardware costs and operating expenses. That’s why our solution provides the value you deserve
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