The Hidden Force Driving Adoption Of Mobile Credentials And Management

When was the last time you left home without your smartphone? If you’re like 94% of Americans, you have a smartphone with you at all times. There’s even a word for fear of being without one’s cell phone: nomophobia. In a recent Brivo poll, one third of respondents cited mobile technology as the number-one way to improve facility management today.



Many people are familiar with the rise of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies in corporate settings. Once frowned upon because of security concerns, BYOD has quickly become the norm as phone manufacturers have beefed up cybersecurity and more apps require two-factor authentication.

However, there is another factor contributing to the accelerating adoption of mobile credentials and management that gets less press: the rise of open APIs. An open API allows app developers to link apps together for a richer user experience. Particularly useful in environments that attract a younger demographic, such as coworking and higher-end multi-family buildings, API integrations allow employees and tenants to book conference rooms, pay rent, and sign up for fitness classes all in one place. It’s only natural that opening doors should be added to that list.

From the administrator’s perspective, integrations between access control and other apps mean that it’s now possible to assign and revoke privileges from not only the access control platform but also from a variety of other commercial applications. Mobile management literally puts facility operations in your hands.

Having mobile access is good for you, but it’s also good for business. Numerous studies demonstrate that a well-executed mobility strategy improves workforce productivity and leads to measurable business growth.

Not all access control providers have apps that allow customizations and integrations with the other applications used in your organization or industry. When assessing a new access control provider, especially if you are looking to incorporate access control into an existing mobile app, be sure the manufacturer you partner with offers an open API.

People increasingly expect to be able to accomplish all their to-do’s with their phones. With mobile credentials and mobile access control management and open APIs, you can add opening doors to that list.

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