Operator of multiple franchise locations wanted to eliminate the hole in its security.


"I saw a lot of value for the retail stores, but immediately here at the kitchen. With close to 150 employees, 10 bay doors, and a lot of people coming in and out, I wanted to know who was in this building at all times, from a security standpoint, management standpoint and insurance standpoint."

Ever Santana | Vice President of Operations | Waytodough, Inc.


With a few cameras, DVRs and a limited access control system, the New Jersey firm needed to upgrade to one system for its central bakery and the 20 franchise locations.


Shrinkage and theft are huge issues in the low- margin food business and a solution was needed


Most stores operate 24/7, so controlling access and having a record of all activity was critical


The bakery managers wanted to better manage their production staff and monitor service providers


Simply Better Security with Brivo Onair


 Brivo Onair is used not only for access control, but also as a highly effective management tool

 Integrated security systems were installed in the retail locations and the central bakery

 Managers can run reports on how many times doors are opened, by who and when

 The “always on” system, ease of use and full visibility provides valuable peace of mind


"The Brivo web interface is fantastic, it’s easy to access and very user-friendly. I have multiple managers accessing the system for our stores to monitor and manage personnel."

-Ever Santana

  • In addition to entry points, the system monitors access to offices, restrooms, cafeteria and time clock

  • The system has increased efficiency, cut waste, deters theft and improves training

  •  Data collection helps improve operations with targeted training and feedback for staff

  •  Management also has a record of all truck activity for deliveries to the many retail outlets twice a day

  •  The system quickly resulted in a marked decrease in thefts and suspicious activity

  •  The total cost of ownership was reduced by nearly 50% over their traditional non-networked system