DocuSign integrates access control and video while securing multiple facilities in expansion project


"Brivo worked well with us to grow our business.We have been able to easily add new facilities and doors as DocuSign continues to develop its presence around the world. The Brivo Customer Care team helps us every step of the way."

Chad Bosques | DocuSign Director of Global Physical | Safety & Security Operations


DocuSign needed a physical access control solution that was scalable and quick to deploy as they expanded their presence both domestically and internationally.


Established in the 1940s, Laradon had a lock-and-key system for access control and constraints of older buildings


There were over 200 doors around the globe to secure, monitor and manage at all times


The company needed 24/7 monitoring of all individuals entering and exiting its many locations


Simply Better Security with Brivo Onair


 Brivo Onair® provided quick deployment and flexibility as DocuSign expanded

 The cost-effective solution allowed for adding doors and locations as needed, on demand

 More than 80 doors and entry points are managed by the Brivo security platform

 Additional entrances continue to be added using one system and interface


"They help us solve problems over the phone. We no longer have to wait for a technician to come in, investigate and fix the issue. That’s the beauty of having a cloud access control system."

-Stephanie Brisson

  • 50% savings on traditional key system costs by eliminating re-keying costs and reducing the hours for on-site security guards
  • Brivo API helps create a seamless member onboarding experience where Techspace can quickly activate and deactivate access cards
  • Brivo Onair cloud access control delivers the scalability Techspace needs to quickly add new locations
  •  The company can monitor employees at all times to prevent assets or data from being stolen

  •  The Brivo cloud-based security platform and customer care provide peace of mind whenever you need them

  •  The system incorporates strict cyber security and can scale up or down as needed