Small Business Doesn’t Mean Small Security: 3 Major Threats You Need to Combat

Data breaches, inventory shrinkage, theft, oh my.

On average, data breaches cost $3.62 million per breach and stolen customer data costs $141 per record.

Inventory shrinkage in the United States is a $60 billion a year problem.

Believe it or not, your business exists within both of those realities. Do you know who is accessing your most valuable assets and sensitive information? Do you know what your employees do when you are not physically onsite?

Join our speakers, Nicki Saffell, Senior Security Consultant Brivo, and Sarah Polon, Owner of Soupergirl, a small business owner, and learn:

Learn about

Challenges: the three major threats facing today’s small businesses

Results: how modern access control can increase security and help you save the headaches

Solutions: modern ways to combat these threats – including electronic access control

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  Nicki Saffell
Security Consultant
Sara Polon