Physical Security Goes Mobile With Brivo Onair App

See for yourself how easy it is to manage your access control at all your facilities from any of your mobile devices, from anywhere at anytime.


Disconnect from your desk! Manage secure access control for all your facilities from your smartphone with the Brivo Onair App our cloud-based secure access control and video platform.

In this short video, you’ll actually see for yourself how easy it is to manage your access control at all your facilities from your smartphone or other mobile device. You’ll get an overview of how the Brivo Onair App can work for you.

The Brivo Onair App lets you manage users, manage buildings, and manage your business – all on the go, from wherever you are, with your smartphone or mobile device.

Once you’ve logged in to the app with your username and password, you’ll see a menu that enables you to manage your facilities with Brivo Onair, easily and conveniently.

Activity logs – touch here to access logs of events and activities recorded by Brivo Onair for all your facilities. It’s never been easier to review your security records.

Unlock doors – Need to let someone in? Now you can, on the fly, from anywhere! Touch here, and you’ll see a list of doors secured by Brivo Onair. Touch the door you need to unlock, and voila.

Manage people – Touch here, and you’ll open a list of your users, each with a color-coded icon that instantly communicates the status of their access privileges. Just touch a user’s name to manage or change their privileges, and you’re done.

View Videos – Keep your eye on your site (or sites), anytime, anywhere. Touching this menu item opens a list of your Brivo Onair video cameras. Touch any camera location, and you’ll instantly see a live feed from that camera.

And yes, you also get instant access to help. But the Brivo Onair App is so easy to use, you probably won’t need it.
Peace of mind meets convenience in the Brivo Onair App – and your life just got better! It’s Simply Better Security.


Brivo Onair Demo

Brivo Onair Demo

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