PlainsCapital Bank transfers its multi-site security to the cloud


“The platform had to focus on data integrity, disaster recovery, and system resiliency. It also needed to be scalable and light on IT resources without impacting other bank operations.”

Bill Lines,
Chief Information Security Officer
PlainsCapital Bank


As they began to scale their business, PlainsCapital Bank needed a security platform to centrally manage all locations and make it easy for the bank to continue normal operations

Implement a physical security solution that also has strong cybersecurity

Use one, consistent user credential to meet
expansion needs

Take the burden off IT resources so they can focus on other enterprise projects


Simply Better Security with Brivo Onair

  • Use cyber-hardened technology and proven secure cloud-based access control services
  • Manage, monitor and report event activity from all locations in a single platform
  • Integrate with enterprise systems to share data and reduce re-work
  • Quickly deploy access control to any facility
  • Integrate with HID readers and mobile credentials to create a customized solution


“We wanted to focus on security services and not system functionality. Not having to
worry about software, hardware, or client configuration was important to our security program as we scaled locally and beyond.”

—Bill Lines

  • Brivo Onair supports PlainsCapital Bank’s multi-site business by enabling its workforce and providing better protection for assets and information
  • Access to data and reports reduces the time to complete audits and inspections
  • Brivo’s integration with HID iCLASS SE Readers and mobile credentials creates a seamless user experience where bank managers can be easily update, revoke and track credentials within the Brivo platform
  • Subscription model makes it easier for security staff to remotely manage each bank location while having a financially responsible way to scale the platform
  • Brivo experts handle the back-end platform infrastructure so PlainsCapital Bank staff can focus on the business of running the bank
  • Automatic software and firmware updates and cybersecurity patches from Brivo help keep the            bank secure