Brivo Onair Release Notes 11.23


This release of Brivo Onair adds a new maximum request-to-exit extension option allows for doors to relock after a set period of time even if in an active REX state. When viewing users in groups, administrators are now given the option to remove specific users directly from the group right from that page. From within the webCLI interface, administrators are now given the option to change the default user name and password to access the webCLI interface. Additionally, this release introduces rate limiting (spamming filter) for panel startup, communication loss/restore, tamper, wiring (I/O), and AC power lost/restored events, as well as addressing behind the scenes system performance improvements as well as bug fixes.


  • The new Maximum REX Extension field lets you set a maximum length of time for the complete pass through period in the presence of continual REX triggers being received by the control panel. This ensures that even if the REX trigger is stuck in an “active” state or is being triggered over and over, the total pass through period is limited to the Max REX Extension plus the pass through period.
  • When viewing users in a particular group, a new Remove User from Group button has been added to the page, allowing an administrator to remove one or more users from that group rather than having to visit each User page and individually removing each user from the group.

NOTE:  In order to use the following two improvements, the control panel(s) require firmware version or later.

  • Brivo Onair has introduced the capability to monitor outbound traffic and detect if IP addresses other than approved Brivo Host Addresses are being contacted. If an unknown (or unapproved) address is contacted, notifications can be created making the administrator aware of the unauthorized transmission.
  • Brivo Onair provides the option to reduce repetitive postings concerning tamper, wiring (I/O), and AC power lost/restored events by implementing the option to limit the number of times per minute such an event will be posted to the activity log or will trigger an email notification.


  • Fixed an issue where the ‘performed by’ field did not have an option to select a user.
  • Corrected minor typographical errors on several pages throughout the application.
  • Fixed an issue where dropdown lists failed to display on the View Report Configuration page.
  • Fixed an issue affecting ACS300 controllers where administrators could not create a Wiegand door device if an Allegion RSI gateway had already been selected.
  • Fixed an issue where the Journal and Journal reports failed to report the promotion of an assistant administrator to senior administrator.