Brivo Onair Release Notes 11.22 & 11.22.1


Expanding our integration with Allegion products, Brivo Onair now includes Allegion LE lock support. Additionally, this release introduces rate limiting (spamming filter) for panel startup, communication loss/restore, tamper, wiring (I/O), and AC power lost/restored events, as well as addressing behind the scenes system performance improvements as well as bug fixes.


  • The new Brivo Onair logo is now live for all Brivo Onair accounts.
  • Brivo Onair now provides integration and support for Allegion LE locks. Activity events and Journal events have been updated to reflect the addition of Allegion LE locks.
  • Brivo Onair provides a reduction in repetitive postings from the event types listed below by limiting event notifications (through either the activity log or email) to once every five minutes when one of those events occurs. The following events are limited:
    • CP Switch to battery
    • CP AC power loss
    • Board communication failed
    • Board communication regained
    • Board battery failure set
    • Board battery failure cleared
    • Board tamper set
    • Board tamper cleared
    • Wire short
    • Wire short cleared
    • Panel startup
  • When creating a new door on an ACS6000 or ACS300, the door configuration menu now offers the option to select Reader Interface. This allows an administrator to select a Wiegand reader (this is the default) or an OSDP reader. When the OSDP reader option is chosen, the administrator can then select the OSDP address field.


  • Fixed an issue where entering non-numeric values into door settings caused an error.
  • Fixed an issue where an administrator could not enable alarm shunt if any door had the feature disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where first/last access report only displayed users with current activity.
  • Fixed an issue where holiday dates changed between the view and edit pages.
  • Fixed an issue where invalid time zones were presenting in time zone dropdown lists.
  • Fixed an issue where the ACS6000 panel continues to expect Salto and Allegion routers to use the same port.
  • Corrected a problem where an administrator creating a holiday would be presented with a false error message.

12/20/2017 11.22.1 Release


  • Fixed an issue where a door was not able to be saved if you had AUX device wired and the door alarm shunt set to disabled.