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Intelligent Controllers for Cloud-Based Systems

Our controller offers the flexibility of independent operation when not connected with its host. When operating in standalone mode, it can store up to 6,000 events (FIFO) and support up to 25,000 users. When connected to the host, it utilizes TCP/IP protocol to send all local event data upstream to the Brivo cloud, and can manage an unlimited number of users.

  • Flexibly affordable: Manage one or two doors per controller. Never pay for capacity you don’t need.

  • Reliably secure: Reliably secure: Host authentication uses X.509 digital certificates, and communication uses AES 256-bit encryption.


Maximum # Readers 1 or 2 depending on model purchased
Maximum # Inputs 4
Maximum # Outputs 4
Maximum # Events 6,000 (First in First Out)
Maximum Cardholders 25,000
Authentication & Encryption X.509 Digital Certification and AES 256-bit
PoE Support Yes
Maximum # Readers 1 or 2 depending on model purchased

“I enjoy the passion that all Brivo staff has for its products and solutions. The Brivo team is very responsive and reactive with demonstrations, and we haven’t seen this type of interaction from legacy companies.”

Nicky Stokes | Managing Director at Integrated Security Design Ltd. (ISD Tech)