Benefits to your customers

 Why investing in a modern access control system is now within reach of your customers.

Value to your customers: 

  • Subscription based access control offering
  • Securing facilities with an affordable package
  • No large upfront investment needed
  • Quick sale to installation
  • Choice of options  

What your customers get:

  • Brivo Onair® account and mobile app
  • 100 mobile credentials (Brivo Onair Pass) plus 25 key cards
  • All security equipment with a lifetime warranty: -Door locks (wireless or electronic) -One panel and reader per door class -Free software and firmware updates  

Let’s Get Started Today


Control Panel The intelligence behind your secure access control system

Mobile App Manage your system from anywhere and let your employees open doors with their phones 

Door Lock Ditch the keys and use the latest technology in locks for easy access to your office 

Customer Support Have a question or need help, we are here for you when you need us

Installation Professional installation of the system so you can rest assured the system is set up correctly

Reader Want to use key cards, our readers have that capability


"Customers quickly learned the advantages of Brivo, so repeat sales have been a natural for us."

General Manager, Response Tech

"Being able to remotely solve issues allowed us to scale and grow while keeping our customers happy."

Managing Partner, Loc-Doc, Inc 

"Customers are looking for something better, so bringing them new technology puts you ahead." 

President, MDU Security Systems