Brivo Onsite Release Notes

Brivo Onsite | 08/02/2018
This patch release addresses a bug fix.


  • We fixed an issue where a Datasync call (retrieve_user) was not returning the correct output (external_ID).
  • Please contact Brivo Technical Support 866.692.7486 should any problems occur during the upgrade.
Brivo Onsite | 06/14/2018

This patch release addresses two bug fixes.


  • We fixed an issue where ACS5000-S panels showed UTC time after a firmware upgrade despite changing the NTP server to other sites.
  • We fixed an issue where a door with a group activated schedule unlocked even if the schedule had not been activated.
Brivo Onsite | 05/15/2018

This patch release implements new CAN bus logic for our control panels as well as addressing a minor bug fix.

Note: This release is meant only for the Brivo Onsite control panel. It should not to be used on ACS5000-S panels.


  • This release implements CAN bus lockup detection logic as well as CAN bus recovery logic, allowing the control panel to detect an issue and then quickly resume normal operations after the recovery.


  • Fixed an issue where slow transitions on the door input caused false Door Forced Open events
Brivo Onsite | 01/18/2018

This patch release addresses two minor bug fixes.


  • Fixed an issue where changing an existing user’s card resulted in an unexpected error.
  • Fixed an issue where notifications created through the RPC API unexpectedly fail after an upgrade to
    firmware version 1.4.0.
Brivo Onsite 1.4.0 | 11/14/2017

This release of Brivo Onair changes Brivo Onair Pass to Brivo Mobile Pass as well as addressing minor system improvements and bug fixes.


  • The CP number of the control panel is now displayed when an administrator views the panel’s System Status.
  • This release now allows an administrator to scan locally for WiFi networks and list available SSIDs when configuring the WiFi settings of the control panel. This improvement is not available for ACS5000-S panels.
  • This release adds support for a debounce setting on doors to prevent erroneous door ajar events and implements new fail-open logic into panel firmware that the default state for locks is in the locking state and will make no changes to the relay state when power is restored to the panel.
  • This release adds support for lock-on-open functionality, allowing doors to immediately relock upon detection of a door opening event.
  • This release improves the user experience when configuring network settings for the control panel, displaying the IP/Network/Gateway/DNS information when a Static network configuration is selected. Also, the addition of a Save button improves the experience rather than simply saving the settings immediately without confirmation.
  • This release adds a 48 bit card format as a new option.


  • Fixed an issue where user lists filtered by custom field were displaying incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where changes to user credentials in ACS5000-S panels resulted in errors.
  • Replaced all references of OnSite to the corrected Onsite.
  • Fixed an issue where the dashboard was incorrectly displaying door status when changes were made to the door configuration.
  • Fixed an issue with the Help link for the ACS5000-S control panel.
  • Fixed an issue where the calendar icon was missing from the Activity Report page.
  • Fixed an issue where the device status of the ACS5000-S panel displayed incorrectly when Always was
    selected as the unlock schedule.