Brivo Hardware Release Notes

Brivo introduces new hardware functionality by adding support for the Mercury EP1502 control panel

Release 1.3.0 | June 2018
Support for schedule enhancements, reader support, and additional card formats.

• Group Enabled Schedules – Onair administrators are able to configure group enabled schedules.
• Two-Factor Credential Schedules – Onair administrators are able to configure schedules that require two-factor credential use.
• In/Out Readers – Onair administrators may set up In/Out readers to track if users are in the building or out of the building through reporting.
• Additional Card Format Support –Corporate 1000 (35 bit and 48 bit) credentials can be used as valid credential formats to grant access.

Release 1.2.0 | March 2018
Support for more schedules as well as the ability to set a request to exit to unlock a door

• Holiday Support – Users have the ability to create eight Holidays per Mercury panel and apply those to schedules.
• REX Unlock – When configuring a door, an administrator has the choice if they want the Request to Exit to unlock the door.

Release 1.1.0 | January 2018

Focus on increasing the number of schedules that can be associated with a Mercury panel.

•Additional Card Format Support – HID 37-bit credentials (with or without facility code) can be used as valid credential formats to grant access.
• Anti-passback – An administrator has the ability to set both hard and soft anti-passback for users.
• Schedule Enhancements – Users are able to configure more schedules (255 schedule max) per Mercury panel.
• Bug Fixes

Release 1.0.0 | July 2017
Initial Mercury release which allows an Onair user to associate and configure a Mercury panel on their account.
• Basic Door Function – Doors can be unlocked by valid credentials including cards (26-bit), PINs, and Brivo Onair Pass as well as from a browser or the Brivo Onair Mobile Application.
• Events – Onair users can view Mercury events including access by credential, failed access by known and unknown users, unknown credentials, unissued cards.
• Create and Remove Doors – Doors with a Mercury panel can be created and removed in Onair with the following configuration options: door unlock schedule, door ajar, and pass-through period.
• Notifications – The following notifications can be set: door ajar/door ajar cleared, door forced open, and door unlocked by