Brivo Onair Firmware Release Notes

Brivo Onair Firmware | 04/08/2018

This release of Brivo Onair improved reporting functionality as well as addressing minor system improvements and bug fixes.

• Expanded the reporting functionality for Brivo Access Professional and Enterprise editions to 2 and 3 years of data respectively.

• Fixed an issue that when setting up cards for users to use on offline locks, all cards were displaying. Now, only cards that are designated for use with offline locks will display.

Brivo Onair Firmware 5.2.10 | 12/12/2018

This release of Brivo Onair improved Mercury panel functionality as well as addressing minor system improvements and bug fixes.

• General improvements to the UI for Mercury panel functionality.

• Fixed several issues with Mercury panels concerning adding and editing devices, doors, and elevators.

Brivo Onair Firmware | 9/17/ 2018

This maintenance release of Brivo Onair addressed minor system improvements and bug fixes.

Brivo Onair Firmware | 8/14/ 2018

This maintenance release of Brivo Onair addressed minor system improvements and bug fixes.

• Fixed an issue where some customers may have experienced an invalid URL link when trying to download the Brivo Access Cam desktop application within Brivo Onair.

Brivo Onair Firmware 5.2.9 | 7/2/2018

• Implemented an auto-recovery mechanism to resolve communication between daughter and mother boards.

• During situations where a panel receives bad data, the monitoring software has been improved to prevent false alarms.

• Implemented processes to ensure that the new credential command operations (Update Credential and Delete Credential) do not run into panel/server communication conflicts.

• Fixed an issue where an incorrect internal device event was triggered when presenting a credential at an NDE lock.

• Fixed an issue where hardware version was not displaying properly in the local panel admin interface (webcli).

• Fixed an issue where NDE locks with no credential entries in cache after being power cycled continued to allow card access.

• Fixed an issue where the ACS300 stated a door had closed when it was still in the process of closing.

Brivo Onair Firmware 5.2.8 | 5/23/ 201 8

New Features
• This firmware release implements new event types for Wavelynx Bluetooth Readers.

• This firmware release allows the Allegion LE locks to operate in either persistent or non-persistent modes in regards to Privacy Mode.


• When the server and panel disagree on a user’s access for a swipe, the panel now automatically requests a fresh data file.

• The header under the Administration tab of the webCLI now more clearly states its purpose.

• Improvements to grammar were made under the OSDP Tool tab in the webCLI.

• Investigated and corrected startup errors in the ACS5000E panel logs.

• Brivo servers now update the panel local database immediately following an update to or deletion of user credentials.


• Fixed an issue where panel could not process digital credential/BLE credential if the credential had not yet been cached.

• Fixed an issue where panels using the RS485 bus would not generate gateway communication events while the NDE gateway was without power.

• Fixed an issue where Allegion LE locks failed to operate after NDE gateway recovered from power failure and loss of network connectivity. • Fixed an issue where expired credentials still worked when the panel was disconnected.

• Fixed an issue where loss of communication to an NDE gateway took too long to register in the Activity Log.

• Fixed an issue where Door Forced Open messages did not appear promptly after being triggered on ACS5000 and ACS-IDPC control panels.

• Corrected an issue with NDE Locks after power loss only sending a gateway communication restored message to the server when the panel is restarted without the accompanying communication lost message, which might have been confusing to some users.

Brivo Onair Firmware | 4/24/ 2018

New Features

This release implements CAN bus lockup detection logic as well as CAN bus recovery logic, allowing the control panel to detect an issue and then quickly resume normal operations after the recovery.


Fixed an issue where unexpected power failure caused database corruption and inability to recover.