Time To Upgrade: The Old Way vs. The Brivo Way

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How much simpler the Brivo way is without all those servers and software to maintain

All the things that drive up the costs of the old way and why the Brivo way is actually more affordable

The four main limitations of the old way, including the drawbacks of each and the security risk

The four main benefits of the Brivo cloud-based way that add up to simply better security


Old ways don’t secure new doors. Take a look at this simple comparison and you’ll see why the Brivo cloud-based platform is better.


Ideal (and Effective) Access Control: Defined.

Ideal (and Effective) Access Control: Defined.

What differentiates effective access control platform from failed systems unable to achieve physical security and operational goals? See the factors that contribute to the success of an access control system.

Reduce IT Operational Cost

Reduce IT Operational Cost

On-premise access control solutions require manual updates, dedicated IT resources and constant maintenance. The limiting nature and exorbitant expense of on-premise hardware is part of the reason that cloud technology has become a revolution.