Are You Secure? See Surprising Numbers

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Crime can be a factor in as many as 30% of business failures so you need to ask yourself these four questions

The high number of workers that will report some type of workplace violence this year

The surprisingly high percentage of inventory shrinkage that is due to employee theft

The four reasons why security systems are so vulnerable and the very scary percentages


Did you know that 25% of an employee’s workday is unproductive? Can you monitor your employees and are you able to drive a change?


Reduce IT Operational Cost

Reduce IT Operational Cost

Learn about See how costly on-premise systems really are for your business... Learn how cloud-based access control increases your flexibility and saves you money...  On-premise access control solutions require manual updates, dedicated IT resources and constant...

Ideal (and Effective) Access Control: Defined.

Ideal (and Effective) Access Control: Defined.

What differentiates effective access control platform from failed systems unable to achieve physical security and operational goals? See the factors that contribute to the success of an access control system.

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