A Day In The Life Of A Facility Manager

Learn about

All the things that can go wrong starting with an early morning phone call regarding access permission

All the tasks that a facility manager has to do throughout the day because his system isn’t automated

All the benefits of having a Brivo cloud-based security platform automating security tasks

See how security is improved, costs are reduced and the facility manager has more work/life balance


Meet Cameron, a facility manager, and see how his day unfolds from morning until night with and without an automated security platform.


Ideal (and Effective) Access Control: Defined.

Ideal (and Effective) Access Control: Defined.

What differentiates effective access control platform from failed systems unable to achieve physical security and operational goals? See the factors that contribute to the success of an access control system.

Reduce IT Operational Cost

Reduce IT Operational Cost

On-premise access control solutions require manual updates, dedicated IT resources and constant maintenance. The limiting nature and exorbitant expense of on-premise hardware is part of the reason that cloud technology has become a revolution.