Home Is Where the Smart Is

Treehouse of Horrors from The Simpson's

Smart homes are here and thankfully they’re nothing like the menacing and murderous house featured in a 2001 “Treehouse of Horrors” Simpsons episode. In that episode, the house, voiced by none other than Pierce Brosnan, fell in love with Marge as he helped her in all of her daily responsibilities, and then tried to kill Homer in an attempt to make Marge his. 

Like the Pierce Brosnan smart home, today’s smart apartment technology makes interacting with your home easier and automated. Luckily, unlike the Pierce Brosnan smart home, it won’t fall in love with your spouse. Rather than seeking your destruction, smart apartment technology actually increases resident safety and security.

Like everything else in this world, multifamily security and resident expectations and needs fall into two categories: before COVID-19 and after COVID-19.

Before COVID-19, the main security concerns property managers were tasked with addressing included: unauthorized people accessing the building, break-ins into resident apartments or garages, incident identification and tracing, and package theft.  

After COVID-19 safety and security concerns have changed. 

The challenge for property managers now is: how do you protect against a pandemic? 

We recently presented a webinar with Propmodo on this exact topic. Watch the webinar to hear an in-depth discussion on how the right proptech can increase the healthiness of your property and the happiness of your residents.

There is much more to consider now when researching access control and smart apartment technology for your multifamily property. Here are some things to keep in mind: 

1. Will the solution be able to help you enforce social distancing and contactless practices?
A convenient and cool access experience for your residents can promote a healthy and hygienic building environment and resident retention
2. Does the solution integrate with other systems?
Integrated access control can make your job easier and your property safer through remote monitoring and management
3. Does the solution add value that your residents can see?
A complete multifamily proptech ecosystem makes it easier to attract new residents and continue to show your property to potential residents even during quarantine.

Watch the webinar for more information on the role of smart apartment technology and cloud-based access control on making your residents happy and healthy.