Four Reasons to Sell Mobile ACaaS Solutions

The physical security industry can be late to adopt new technology like mobile credentials and mobile access control administration but society isn’t waiting around. Eighty-one percent of the US population owns a smartphone, and 1 in 5 US adults are “smartphone-only” internet users. We are now reliant on mobile technology in our everyday lives. 

When choosing vendors to partner with, don’t underestimate the benefits of, and demand for, mobile credentials.


Adding mobile solutions to your product portfolio can make you more attractive to higher-end and more modern facilities. Smart buildings are here; make sure you aren’t missing out on the profits that can mean for your business. Here are the four major reasons why you should be offering mobile solutions.


  1. Mobile makes it easier for you to win more business


Building owners and managers want new technology to attract younger and higher-end customers. Become a contender in their access control vendor selection by offering them a solution that appeals to the tenants they want to attract and makes their own management of the system easier and more efficient. Mobile technology ticks all those boxes.


  1. Mobile integrations make your customers’ lives easier


Mobile integrations allow facility managers to control access using existing applications. Mobile credentials can be integrated into existing tenant experience apps to provide a streamlined experience for users.


  1. Constant connectivity


When they come to you for a new access control solution, your customers are looking for when they come to you looking for more control, better efficiency, and a better grasp on what happens in their facilities. Mobile technology allows for constant connectivity. Facility managers can administer the system, control their facility, grant access, and see what is going on at all times from their smartphone.


  1. Endless possibilities through mobile technology


Mobile technology in physical security means more than opening doors remotely. This kind of disrupting technology creates new commercial landscapes. Make sure your business plays a part in these new and growing industries. 

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