The 5 C’s Of SaaS (Security As A Service)

Understand the potential impact of SaaS on risk management and why end users are looking to the cloud these days.

Learn about
How businesses may be able to respond to change and use that as a sustainable competitive advantage

How the SaaS model offers significant cost savings over the old traditional security systems

Why compliance failures can result in breaches, financial losses and even bodily injury to your people

What continuity and coverage add to the SaaS equation to ensure your system is top notch


  • Read about the evolution of physical security, from lock-and-key to on-premise to cloud solutions, and the strengths and weaknesses of each.

  • Here are five ways to eliminate the biggest challenges property managers face and how to increase security and operate more efficiently.

  • An analysis of the economic benefit of using a cloud-based security management platform compared to traditional on-premise solutions, the savings and return you can expect.