Brivo Onair® Information Security: A Detailed Review Of Assured Control

This paper describes the information security provisions built into the Brivo Onair® technical architecture.  It is primarily intended for IT professionals, but it does contain a basic introduction to internet security concepts.

Learn about
Information security in the Brivo Onair® architecture and system design

Web browser client and Brivo mobile application security considerations

Cryptography, firewall technology and digital certificates

IP networking considerations for data security


  • Read about the evolution of physical security, from lock-and-key to on-premise to cloud solutions, and the strengths and weaknesses of each.

  • Here are five ways to eliminate the biggest challenges property managers face and how to increase security and operate more efficiently.

  • An analysis of the economic benefit of using a cloud-based security management platform compared to traditional on-premise solutions, the savings and return you can expect.