Grab the popcorn, sit back and watch videos on cloud-based physical access control.

  • Watch John Szczygiel, Brivo’s chief operating officer and a 30+ year veteran of the security business, answer some of your most frequently asked questions about RMR.

  • See how Brivo’s integration with 2N makes it easier than ever to grant access to visitors while improving physical security.

  • Learn how this facility gained an advantage by offering members 24/7 access without the extra costs of staffing around the clock.

  • Learn how a resort with multiple communities improved security by choosing the Brivo cloud-based access control solution.

  • How do we keep your access data as safe as possible? Watch this short video to learn about "bot detection," embedded in the Brivo Onair cloud service.

  • See for yourself how easy it is to manage your access control system at all your facilities from anywhere and at anytime.

  • Open doors for your users with smartphones for a new level of convenience and simplicity, while increasing your security.

  • With the Brivo Onair cloud-based access control software, it’s easy to add new cards to expand the user base of your system.

  • An entertaining yet informational video looking at how Brivo’s cloud-based solutions have truly ushered in a new era of security.

  • This software creator is all about simplifying membership management, so it’s no wonder that they chose Brivo access control.

  • Learn how to add and program a new device on your Brivo Onair access control solution—in this example, a Door Ajar Sounder.

  • In this short video, learn how to add a new door to your Brivo Onair access control system from any web browser.

  • See how the integration with Eagle Eye Networks lets you review events and video directly in your Brivo Onair interface.

  • You've most likely heard the term "encryption," but do you know what it means in terms of your physical security? Watch this short video to improve your cyber knowledge.

  • Learn what event streaming is and how it gives you live feedback of events as they happen with a user photo for additional verification.

  • Learn how to create a one-time or repeating schedule for enabling or disabling exceptions for your Brivo Onair access control solution.

  • What are firmware and software updates, and why are they important? Watch this short video to help you mitigate cyber threats and protect your valuable information.

  • Learn how to create a group of users for your Brivo Onair access control solution using any web browser on any computer.

  • A light-hearted comparison of the old way of handling video surveillance compared to the simplicity of Brivo.

  • Public Charter Schools installed Brivo Onair to secure multiple access points in multiple locations and protect its students.

  • See how Brivo Onair Pass works with Brivo Onair to deliver a new level of convenience, simplicity, security and reliability.

  • Learn how to create a new user for your Brivo Onair access control solution—the interface is intuitive and easy to use.

  • Learn how easy it is to enable users with Brivo Onair Pass—the mobile credential for Brivo Onair cloud access control.

  • Take a look at the simple steps involved in adding new users and editing existing users in your Brivo Onair Pass Application.

  • Learn how to create a schedule and automate you Brivo Onair access control solution—the interface is intuitive and easy to use.

  • Discover how migrating to a cloud-based access control system or, better yet, a complete security platform can increase safety.

  • There are plenty of risks to starting and operating a small business—learn why physical security doesn’t have to be one of them.


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