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Ambulance and EMT Center Achieves Higher-Level Security

The Challenge

David Miller, VP of Operations for Star EMS, and his dispatch staff were living with an outdated intercom system that was cumbersome, time-consuming, and a distraction to their primary tasks. The Star EMS building, with 34 ambulances coming and going 24/7, was experiencing more than 100 requests for entry to the building a day. “Years ago, we were pretty much an open building. But we’re in a heavy pedestrian area, so to increase safety and security, we locked all our external doors and garage doors and put in an intercom system. With this system, people had to buzz in and we had to question them before we allowed access to the building.”

The Solution

“A colleague of mine mentioned Brivo,” Miller recalled, “and it turns out our security integrator, NTM, had a Brivo system installed at their building. NTM gave us a live demo of the Brivo Onair® cloud-based system, and we made a decision pretty quickly.” After deciding on Brivo, Miller also worked with a timecard vendor so that Star EMS employees’ access cards would serve as time and attendance cards as well. Now, employees swipe into the building and wave the same card in front of the time and attendance (T&A) terminal. Access to the building and T&A recording are now automatic.


"If you want to secure your building and fully control who can come in and out, Brivo is the perfect system."

The Highlights

Star EMS relies on Brivo Onair access control management to provide 24/7/365 security for its ambulance and EMT operations base. “Brivo is one of the best things we’ve ever done,” Miller commented. “Now, we know who is in our building and who isn’t. Our dispatchers can focus on their primary functions, not buzzing people in a hundred times a day. If you want to secure your building and fully control who can come in and out, Brivo is the perfect system,” Miller concluded. Access is managed for the facility’s four external doors and an internal door to the main records room. Staff, vendors and visitors are divided into 12 groups, each with specific and different day, time and location access privileges. The Brivo system is programmed to send Miller and other staff automatic alerts in the event of any failed entry through improper card use. Miller and the dispatch staff carefully monitor the system’s weekly reports, reviewing all activity looking for anything out of the ordinary. Star EMS is pleased with the system’s control and flexibility and Miller especially appreciates his ability to keep the facility under tight control—enhancing security for all. Miller and staff use their Brivo cloud-based system to manage 233 active users, including full and part-time employees, long-time vendors, and guests who have are well known and pre-cleared.

Key Benefits for Property Management & Health Care End Users

  • “Always on” on-site and off-site, anytime system access

  • Integrated access control and time and attendance systems

  • Replace outdated intercom systems, enhance employee focus

  • Configure cards for exactly the level and location of access needed

  • Less IT—plug and play; no servers or software

  • System is scalable on demand for one additional access point or one hundred

  • Audit trail and report functions to secure medical records and other critical information

The Product

Brivo Onair®
Securing buildings and facilities with a cloud-based access control platform.


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