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Sixty-one Markets, One Access Control System, Zero IT Hassles

The Situation

With more than 300 stations in sixty-one U.S. markets, Cumulus Media is the second largest radio broadcaster in the United States. The Director of Real Estate for Cumulus, Phil Carabillo, was charged with consolidating station operations in each market. Part of the consolidation plan was to install electronic access control (EAC) to differentiate access between the 24/7 operations staff and the administration staff. Phil was referred to Paul Dominick of Global Systems, a leading systems integrator in central Pennsylvania.

The Challenge

Carabillo was initially interested in securing the Cumulus office in Harrisburg, PA, with the possibility of rolling out the system to the other sixty markets. He was seeking a solution that would support access to all facilities with one card and allow remote administration of various locations across the country. To meet these requirements, the solution would require a single, centralized database of all facilities and users and would have to allow global changes without the need to dial into each facility’s local server. Additionally, the solution should be flexible enough to scale one facility at a time. Finally, Phil needed a system to handle disparate access control tasks such as gate and parking lot access control. The training of all local and regional administrators, as well as the anticipated cost of networking all geographically dispersed facilities, created resource and cost concerns for a deployment of this scope.

The Solution

Understanding the unique challenges of multi-location access control, and that Brivo offered the most scalable, cost-effective option for the other sixty markets, Global Systems recommended Brivo Online Access Control as the ideal solution for the first installation at the Harrisburg location. Once Carabillo and the Cumulus Media team saw the Brivo solution in action at the Harrisburg open house, they decided to begin installing it at some of their other locations with plans to eventually secure all sixty-one markets. “The reasons why Cumulus was so attracted to the Brivo solution were due to the ease of operation for end-user programming and because the entire network of offices can be managed from any location throughout the country,” commented Dominick.

Cumulus Media has installed a mixture of Ethernet and wireless Brivo ACS4000 control panels, 37 doors in total, to divide their buildings into three sections; Administration, Sales, and Broadcasting Studios. Brivo Online Access Control is currently installed at locations in Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Kansas, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. The Nashville, Tennessee, installation secures a perimeter gate and parking lot along with their interior doors.


"I can travel around the country with one card and go in and program cards and administer other locations from anywhere in the web -- that was tremendous," Phil Carabillo, Director of Real Estate for Cumulus.

The Highlights

Because Brivo Online Access Control automatically aggregates all customer data and management control into one centralized database, Cumulus was able to eliminate the costly task of building a wide-area network to link all their databases together. “The Brivo OnAir® is so easy to install, we were able to give simple instructions and utilize the electrical installers already working at each location to install Brivo,” noted Paul Dominick.

Phil and other employees frequently travel to different facilities across the country. The Brivo solution enabled Cumulus users to carry one card for all of the facilities on the account and to make global changes to access privileges. “Web access was key,” he stated. “I can travel around the country with one card and go in and program cards and administer other locations from anywhere on the Web—that was tremendous.”

Cumulus needed to manage multiple, geographically dispersed facilities and make global account changes without having to dial into each local server. Brivo’s remote administration increased efficiency and ease-of-use, and allowed for centralized administration of all access control functions with greater management visibility.

Brivo’s Web-hosted solution requires minimal upfront costs, allowing companies to keep working capital in their pocket. Thus, total cost of ownership is up to 50% less than traditional non-networked systems. Carabillo again: “We saved money on deployment costs and the wireless option was a bonus. It’s great, it’s everything we were looking for in a system. No glitches, no headaches, pretty seamless.”

One of the key challenges for Phil and his team was that they did not have an existing network or the resources to network all their facilities under one account. With all IT maintenance and networking of the system outsourced to Brivo, Cumulus was able to eliminate the expensive IT resources and networking infrastructure needed to maintain a system or link facilities using traditional access control systems.

“The Web-based interface is extremely easy to operate. It only took the Harrisburg, PA, administrator fifteen minutes to learn to operate the system,” stated Paul.

Key Benefits

  • Separate facilities -- one interface

  • Multiple administrators can easily manage thousands of records

  • Remote, "always on" system access

  • Easy set up ensures fast, efficient roll-out as new facilities come online

  • Significant positive effects on staff productivity and overall effectiveness

  • Scalable system is economically efficient

The Product

Brivo OnAir®
Securing buildings and facilities with a cloud-based access control platform.


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