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Docusign Secures Multiple Facilities In Expansion Project

The Challenge

DocuSign had an existing physical access control system that was outdated. The company needed a flexible solution that was scalable and quick to deploy as they expanded their presence both domestically and internationally.

The Solution

The Brivo access control platform gave DocuSign security staff the ability to monitor their employees and their behaviors at all times, to prevent assets or data from being taken from their facilities. DocuSign can determine if their facility has been made vulnerable by either employees or technological errors, such as when a door is flagged for being forced or held open. The Brivo video surveillance option combined video and access control management, allowing authorized security staff to download video clips, and control doors from a single platform. “We’ve managed to monitor a suspicious individual in the lobby of one of our buildings and even viewed another in the act of theft after installing Brivo OnAir Video,” Chad Bosques, Director of Global Physical Safety & Security Operations at DocuSign.

The Results

Quick deployment: DocuSign reduced operational inefficiencies and quickly added access control to multiple facilities.
Simple multi-location management: DocuSign can administer, monitor and report all activity from all locations in a single platform.
Reduced operational cost: DocuSign can add new doors and locations anytime without the need to wire doors.

Added Bonus

Audit trail for access control with historical data tracking—DocuSign can view live and recorded video from each location and can link access control events to video recordings in one unified interface, saving the security staff time in searching for specific incidents. IT support and maintenance—“The Brivo Customer Care team helps us every step of the way. They help us solve problems over the phone which is very convenient and quick for us. We no longer have to wait for a technician to come in, investigate and fix the issue. I guess that’s the beauty of having a cloud access control system,” said Bosques.


“Brivo worked with us well to grow our business. We have been able to easily add new facilities and doors as DocuSign continues to develop its presence around the world,” - Chad Bosques, Director of Global Physical Safety & Security Operations at DocuSign.

About Docusign

DocuSign, headquartered in San Francisco, provides electronic signature and Digital Transaction Management services. It has four locations in the United States and five international locations in Brazil, Ireland, The United Kingdom, France and Australia. DocuSign has over 200 doors that needed to be secured, monitored and managed at all times.

The Product

Brivo Onair®
Securing buildings and facilities with a cloud-based access control platform.


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