Brivo OnAir version 10.14.3 – Release Notes


This release of Brivo OnAir® features a new report option, support for the AXIS Q1602-E camera and changes to our security policy for new or updated passwords. It also improves the overall performance of the application and addresses several user-facing tickets.

Journal Report

Administrators can now generate reports detailing;

  • Actions (add, delete, edit, etc.) administrators took on a particular resource (user, device, notification, etc.).
  • All actions taken by an administrator.
  • All actions taken on a resource.
  • All actions taken on a site.
10.14.3 - Journal Report
Journal report

New Cameras

  • Support for the AXIS Q1602-E is added within Brivo OnAir. A full list of supported cameras is located on our Integrations page under “3rd Party Partners.” Click “Video” to see full list.

Security Improvements

  • We now enforce an 8 character minimum password for all new administrators. Current users of the system may keep their existing passwords and will be prompted to comply with this new rule when updating their password. Click here for more information on this change.
  • When performing a lockdown, the notification email now details who initiated the lockdown and what sites are affected.

System Improvements

  • We reduced the time it takes to load recorded video in Brivo OnAir.
  • We reduced the time it takes to delete a user and included a process status indicator.
  • Users can now view video from cameras associated with devices directly from the activity log by clicking the camera icon adjacent to the event.
  • We added support for international phone numbers when adding/modifying user contact information.
  • Control panels are now listed alphabetically throughout the application.

UI Changes

  • The clapboard image that is shown when a video is loading is now clearer and more consistent with the user interface design.
  • Under the video tab, we changed “video provider” to “video gateway”.

Closed Tickets

  • New OVR camera authentication field now accepts 4 characters in Internet Explorer11 and on an iPad.
  • An issue where certain holiday events would take place in EST regardless of the site time zone is resolved.
  • Users can now view Smartvue video for a device that also has an OVR camera associated with it.
  • Due to a Chrome update in early September 2014, the “Brivo OnAir” logo did not appear on the login screen. This issue is resolved.

Known Issues

  • When adding an OVR camera to Brivo OnAir users must enter a 12-digit authentication key (see image at right) to register the camera.  Currently, when entering the authentication code on an iPad only 3 digits are displayed in each text box even though all 4 numbers are accepted.
  • Brivo is actively working on resolving this issue in an upcoming release.
Adding a new OVR camera
Adding a new OVR camera