Brivo OnAir version 10.13.0 – Release Notes


Smartvue Beta

This release enables our beta testing phase for Smartvue S9Q servers integrated with Brivo OnAir. This integration allows administrators to view live and recorded video from Smartvue devices. During this phase, the Smartvue integration will be accessible for select beta sites. Once we have completed this phase, we will proceed to make this capability generally available when used with Smartvue servers configured by Brivo.

UI Improvements

As part of Brivo’s ongoing improvements to the user interface, confirmation messages have been added throughout the application. These messages appear when editing, deleting or creating a schedule, device, door, activity report, user report, holiday, panel, floor, elevator or Salto router. Additionally, these messages appear when company information or anti-passback settings are updated.

Smartvue Diagram

Closed Tickets

  • An issue where some users were unable to click links in the activity log when using Google Chrome has been resolved.
  • On the Create New Admin page, the footer is now pinned to the bottom of the page.
  • Selecting “lockdown” overrides a Salto door unlock schedule.