Brivo OnAir version 10.12 – Release Notes


Increased Security

  • The maximum password size has been increased to 128 characters.

Video Enhancement

  • OVR cameras with poor Internet connectivity (disconnect/reconnect frequently) will now automatically resume recording after reconnecting with the server.
  • When attempting to delete a DVR with a camera attached a more detailed error message alerts users that the DVR cannot be removed while a camera is still attached.
  • The Axis M1004 (Firmware 5.40.5) camera model has been added to our list of supported cameras
  • For information on the latest supported cameras and firmware please visit: Under Third Party Partners, select Video, then OVR Supported Cameras.
  • Customers using Matrix DVRs can now view Search Video in IE 10.

Overall System Improvements

  • When adding a new user, the user’s card number can now be typed directly into the Card # field.
  • If a camera becomes disconnected during registration the appropriate error message will now be displayed.
  • Special characters (‘,”,_,+,(,), etc.) now display correctly, when editing a door on the Edit Door  page and when viewing the page.
  • It is now possible for users to convert a group-enabled schedule to a site schedule (with no groups). Error messages related to this process are now more appropriate and redesigned to better match the user interface introduced in version 10.11.

User Interface Updates

  • The User Interface enhancements contained in this release are minor. Most of these changes have been
  • implemented to create a cleaner UI by updating icons and headers to better match the updated user
  • interface and give the application a more consistent look. The full list of changes is as follows:
  • Check box and radio button icons have been updated to match the current design theme in several locations throughout the application.
  • When viewing a site, columns are now aligned.
  • Throughout the application, date placeholders (M/D/YY) have been relocated from adjacent to
  • the field, to just below the fields.
  • When prompted to assign a DVR camera to a device, the icon for “no device/none” has been
  • enlarged.
  • When editing a schedule, the page header no longer displays the schedules name, but instead
  • reads Edit Schedule. The title in the browser tab reflects this change as well.
  • When viewing cards, the page header no longer displays Card Details but instead reads View Card. The title in the browser tab reflects this change as well.
  • Holiday Directory page labeling is standardized so all related links and pages now read Holiday Directory.

Notice for OVR Customers

Oracle recently updated Java to version 7 and introduced several security improvements to the software. Java
default security settings are strengthened so that it can further protect and alert users to potential threats that
may be encountered while browsing the web. Java now blocks self-signed and unsigned applets and requires
permissions attributes on its minimum recommended security setting among several other changes.
For more information on all of the changes included in the latest Java update, please visit:

Most important to Brivo customers is the impact this update has on watching video with Brivo OVR.

To ensure proper operation of OVR in Internet Explorer, users must delete temporary Java internet files (trace and
log files, installed applications and applets and cached applications and applets) by following these step-by-step
instructions. This process is quick, simple and will not impact the security of a customer’s browser.

If any problems occur during this process, please contact Brivo Technical Support for assistance with this change
at 866.274.8648 or email