Brivo OnAir version 10.12.2 – Release Notes


Reporting Improvements

Improving the functionality and reliability of report generation in Brivo OnAir was an area of major focus forthis release. Users will experience this improved performance when running the All Users, Active Users and Daily Summary reports. Additionally, a new filter has been added to All User Reports giving the option to include or exclude the last credential used. New reports created after March 28th by default will exclude the last credential used. Legacy reports created prior to 10.12.2 will include this parameter (as they always have) but can have it switched off in the menu shown in the figure below.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 12.44.20 PM

Card Improvements

  • Users who know a specific card number can now manually enter it and quickly assign it to a user.
  • Brivo OnAir now supports the Allegion 34S, 34-bit card format.

UI Improvements

  • Buttons, fields and pop-out messages now integrate cleaner with the Brivo OnAir interface for users with smaller desktop real estate.
  • A confirmation message now appears when users edit, create, or delete groups.

Closed Tickets

  • Administrators are now sorted alphabetically.
  • User’s time zone information is now consistent with the time zone in the “Show Activity Log Events in” setting.