Brivo OnAir version 10.12.1 – Release Notes


Administrative Improvements

  • Administrators can now create a blank permission template. This tool provides a shortcut for administrators to quickly reset assistant administrator’s permissions.

Notice for OVR Customers Using Internet Explorer

Oracle recently updated Java to version 7 and introduced several security improvements to the software. Java minimum and default security settings are strengthened so that it can further protect and alert users to potential threats that may be encountered while browsing the web. Java now blocks self-signed and unsigned applets and requires permissions attributes on its minimum recommended security setting and warns users of missing permissions attributes on its lowest security setting among several other changes. Oracle has created a webpage that documents the changes included in the update. For more information on this update, please visit and type in the search bar, “Java 7 release changes.”

Most important to Brivo customers is the impact this update has on watching video with Brivo OVR.
To ensure proper operation of OVR in Internet Explorer, users must delete temporary Java internet files (trace and log files, installed applications and applets and cached applications and applets) by following these step-by-step instructions. This process is quick, simple and will improve the security of your browser.

Step-by-step instructions

If any problems occur during this process, please contact Brivo Technical Support for assistance with this change at 866.274.8648 or email