Brivo OnAir version 10.11.2 – Release Notes


Updated Video Interface

  • Updated video Live Feed layout is more intuitive and provides greater video screen real estate.
  • Video controls are relocated to a drop down menu in top right of the viewing pane.
  • Unlock Door page and delete confirmation screen are now displayed in the style of the interface introduced in 10.11.
  • Changes benefit both desktop and iPad user interfaces.

Closed Tickets

  • Tabs on the homepage now display in the user’s selected language instead of English by default.
  • Help button now functions correctly on iPad.
  • The All Sites selection in the drop-down menu now fits better on iPad.
  • Video Search screen now cleanly displays in the vertical view on iPad.
  • Systems with more than five sites now display search video cleanly in landscape mode on iPads running iOS6.
  • Time zone is now displayed when viewing a site.
  • The timeline bar now stays in synch with the video on the Search Video screen.
  • A more descriptive and informative error message displays when the password does not meet length or complexity requirements.
  • An appropriate message now displays for users who go to the View Video page without any OVR cameras on their account.
  • Corrected an issue where apostrophes were affecting report deletion (ex: Karen’s Report).
  • When clicking the cancel button on the In/Out Report page, users are now pointed by default to the last page that was viewed as opposed to the Activity Report page.
  • User count is now accurate after deleting a user on the last page of the user list.
  • For Google Chrome users, the Username, Email Address and Language labels are now easier to read.
  • Corrected a timeline issue that occurred when viewing four or more OVR cameras on iPad.