Brivo OnAir version 10.10.1 – Release Notes

April 26, 2013

OVR Enhancements


  • Support for additional Axis camera models.
  • SSL connections for greater security.
  • Mobile now provides improved quality video clips.


  • Newer firmware version support will provide greater compatibility with Axis cameras utilizing firmware version 5.4 or higher.
  • Cameras running firmware version 5.4 or higher will now utilize SSL encryption for all communications, including video and event data.
  • Higher quality video clips for mobile applications.


Limited Support for Axis 200 Series Cameras

Prior Brivo communication included notification announcing limited support for Axis 200 series cameras.With the upgrade of OVR, support for the 200 series cameras is limited to camera devices currently configured in each account. Additional 200 series cameras will no longer be accepted. This change affects the Axis 200 series cameras only; all other supported Axis cameras are unaffected by this limitation. Brivo Technical Support is available to help with questions you may have in regards to Axis 200 series support. Technical Support can be reached at 866.274.8648, option 3 or by email at

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 3.22.08 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 3.22.32 PM