Brivo Onair Release Notes 11.17


This release includes support for the new ACS6000 control panel. Additionally, this release provides several performance improvements and bug fixes.


  • Brivo Onair is now capable of accepting ACS6000 CP numbers, allowing the new panels to be added to new and existing Brivo Onair accounts. When registering an ACS6000 panel, there are additional steps to follow:
    • The initial New Control Panel page remains the same:



  • When the new ACS6000 Control Panel is saved, there is a new RS485 section on the View Control Panel page:

  • To edit the RS485 settings, click on the Edit Control Panel button:

  • The ACS6000 panel has two OSDP definable ports (Port 1 and Port 2)
    • Operation Mode –Port 1 can be set to either Allegion RSI or OSDP Reader. Since Allegion NDE devices and OSDP use different protocols, you need to select the correct operation mode. For example, you cannot set the Operation Mode to Allegion RSI and connect an OSDP reader. Port 2 will only accept OSDP readers.
    • Baud Rate – This is the speed at which the information is transferred over the line.
    • Error Detection Method – Allows you to select either Checksum or Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) as the method you use for error detection.
    • Peripheral Device Address – Since RS485 is a bus and several devices can coexist on the same bus, there needs to be a way that different devices on the bus can be sent specific messages. Addressing solves this problem.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the OVR camera list took a long time to load when viewing Live Feed.
  • Fixed an issue where the “is not” filter was not filtering out excluded events in Activity Reports
  • Fixed an issue so that Allegion doors now appear under their control panel when using “View Relationships”.
  • Fixed an issue where the Journal Report was not running properly.