Brivo OnAir Release Notes 11.14


With the integration of Allegion NDE Wireless Locks, Brivo OnAir continues to expand our product offerings, helping us work with our dealer partners to minimize installation costs in both time and money. This release also implements Trusted Network functionality for all Brivo OnAir accounts and makes several infrastructure improvements along with bug fixes.

Allegion NDE Wireless Locks/Gateways

  • Up to four Allegion Gateways can work seamlessly with a single Brivo control panel.
  • Simple lock installation with no door modification and minimal wiring required.
  • Up to 10 NDE locks per gateway for a maximum of 30 NDE locks per Brivo control panel.
  • Unified integration allows administrators to manage everything directly through Brivo OnAir.

Trusted Network Policy

  • The Trusted Network Policy allows Brivo OnAir Administrators to confine the use of the Brivo Mobile Pass only when the user is connected to the specified Wi-Fi network.
  • To use the Trusted Network, first navigate to the Edit Account Settings listed on the main menu.


  • From the Account Settings, click on the Brivo Mobile Pass tab. In the Trusted Network Policy section, input an SSID (i.e. the name of the Wi-Fi network) for the site that you want to enable the Trusted Network. Once a recognized SSID is put into that field, the status bar will go from a grey-colored Off to a green-colored On to signify the network was successfully added. When this feature is on, Brivo Mobile Pass users will only be able to open doors when their devices are connected to the specified SSID. You can remove this restriction by deleting the SSID value from the same screen.


Fixes for OnAir

  • Fixed an issue affecting pagination on the Unknown Cards page in Brivo OnAir.

Fixes for Brivo API

  • Activities Listing endpoint now returns siteName.