Thursday, June 16th, 2016

Wine + Security Technology Event

Forrest Walker, Director of Operations & Marketing, Rinkor Technology Solutions

Life moves fast, and technology seems to move even faster. In an attempt to stay up to speed with the advances of technology, especially in the high value area of security, it can be interpreted as a losing battle that can get out of reach. For example, we are constantly bombarded with talk of “cloud”, “IoT” and more terms that sometimes business owners and property managers don’t have time to fully understand or apply to their daily workflows.  

Good news—the reality is that the most advanced, cloud-based security platforms are not out of reach or beyond anyone. In fact, they are more accessible than ever before for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

To bring value to people in this area, Rinkor Technology took the opportunity to present the best of cloud-based security to professionals from various backgrounds in a very unlikely setting—the wine country of Northern California.

We chose a scenic location at Jigar Wines in the Dry Creek Valley of Healdsburg, CA to intentionally slow things down and bring security experts together with end users to have relevant conversations around the value of cloud-based access control and video surveillance platforms. The topics of “cloud” and “IoT’ were demystified. The benefits of cloud-based platforms were presented in everyday applications for people to tangibly get the vision for how these systems will streamline the everyday aspects of their businesses and solve challenges they currently face. Lessons learned include:

  • A winery manager learning how seasonal employees and interns in their facility could be better managed and accounted for through Brivo.
  • A small business owner with multiple locations learning how he could monitor his storefronts remotely with cloud-based access control and video surveillance.
  • Guests learning that the everyday value of cloud platforms were not beyond them, but rather perfectly suited for them.
By slowing things down and having value driven conversations around security technology, people left the event more informed and more confident than ever. Cloud-based security platforms provide the most security and efficiency for business operations.

Learn more about how cloud-based access control and video surveillance solves facility security challenges for hundreds of organizations.