Reduce IT Operational Cost

Reduce IT Operational Cost – Join The Cloud Revolution

On-premise systems are quickly becoming outdated for current physical security needs.

On-premise system hardware requires dedicated space, technicians and usually a cooling source. Updates are manual, data storage and control is local, and management of the system itself is limited to the physical building in which it lives.

On-premise access control solutions are no exception to this rule. These systems can cost around $6,000 annually per location to install and maintain. Depending on the number of locations you manage, that quickly adds up. See our infographic on reducing IT operational cost here to learn more.

IT Cost Reduction Initiatives

The limiting nature and exorbitant expense of on-premise hardware is part of the reason that cloud technology has become a revolution. The flexibility, convenience and cost savings that the cloud provides is unmatched by older, more rigid technology.

By eliminating the need for massive data storage hardware, manual updates and dedicated IT resources, cloud-based access control can save you thousands of dollars annually. Check out our infographic to learn more.