Step-by-step guide to mobile adoption for physical security

First, let’s address the “why.” Why should you even consider adopting mobile technology in your physical security and access control?


Why Adopt Mobile Technology:


  1. We live in a mobile-first world where we digitally interact with utility applications every day.
  2. Mobile is becoming the main platform of the new digital economy.
  3. Mobile credentials provide a positive employee experience by making it easier to enter and exit.
  4. The younger generation considers mobile technology a must.
  5. The cloud unleashes the power of mobility for both end users and administrators.
  6. The emergence of “mobile only” access control models.


OK, you get it, you have been hearing about the importance of mobile in physical security for months. So, what next? How do you implement a mobile strategy and adopt mobile technology in your access control and physical security systems? 


We thought you’d never ask.


We have created a step-by-step guide to walk you through the transition to mobile. Here is the “how” to get started: 


How to Get Started:


  1. Identify security and business goals and requirements.
  2. Understand the application integrations you will want by assessing opportunities to integrate access control and mobile with other enterprise apps for a seamless customer experience.
  3. Pinpoint security needs for employee authentication.
  4. Not all mobile credentials are created equal: look for ease of provisioning administration, management & distribution.
  5. Create a migration path to the adoption of smart credentials.


Get all the details to take your physical security mobile in our new guide, “Physical Security: Step by Step Guide to Mobile Readiness & Adoption.”

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