Hello Spring.
Hello New Things.

Brivo Access Spring Launch 2022 offers improvements to the management experience, user experience and connectivity across Brivo devices and applications.

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Recent Activity Logs

For administrators, Brivo Access now features the ability to view Recent Activity Logs for a snapshot view into an individual user’s most recent activity.

Custom Layouts

For users of Brivo Access, integrated video cameras can be viewed live, in custom layouts, and synchronized to access events.
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Brivo Smart Home

Control Smart Home from Brivo Access

Users that have accounts in both Brivo Access and Brivo Smart Home, can now take full control of their Smart Home account from within Brivo Access, eliminating the need for two applications.

Control Smart Home with Alexa

n Brivo Smart Home, Alexa enabled devices, such as thermostats, connected to a Brivo Gateway can be controlled using voice commands.
Smart Home Alexa
Brivo Unified Credential

Brivo Unified Credential

Brivo Unified Credential combines credentials across select Allegion and Assa Abloy locksets and Brivo readers, while accomplishing two things. First, it eliminates the need to carry more than one keycard or fob, and second, it eliminates insecure proximity cards with an encrypted keycard/fob.