Smart Security
Trends Report


Physical Security Disruption
in the COVID Era

As greater portions of the nation become vaccinated and businesses begin to start reopening their doors to employees, customers, and students, it’s important to take a look at key trends that will help organizations rebound better.

This report consists of insights gleaned from Brivo’s fifth annual Physical Security Industry Survey. Our survey focused on physical security impacts from COVID, challenges facing organizations as they look to reopen their doors, as well as technology, cloud, and data utilization trends shaping the physical security landscape for 2021.


Brivo Smart Security Trends Report 2021

Report Highlights: Cloud Acceleration & Data Usage Challenges






Why Brivo

Brivo is a simply better security solution that integrates with your business ecosystem to transform how you protect people, properties and assets. Our platform balances security with modern convenience while bringing you data intelligence, mobile readiness, and scalability. Improve your organization’s security and IT strategies with Brivo.

Download the report to explore:

  • COVID changes physical security priorities.
  • Technology integrations continue to be a major focus.
  • Cloud adoption accelerates security modernization.
  • Data analytics help navigate the next era of access control.
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