Support Brivo® Online Access Control Systems

I'm locked out of my account.

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  1. Verify that your CAPS lock is not on. Both the Username and Password are case sensitive.

  2. If you still cannot log in, call Brivo Technical Support at 1-866-274-8648, option 3.

  3. Inform them that your account is locked out. You will need to provide them with the following information:

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Username
    • Company
  4. Log in while still on the phone with Technical Support to make sure the process worked.

  5. If that is not successful, Technical Support will email you a replacement password to the email address on file. The temporary password is good for only 48 hours and you will be required to change it the next time you log in.

I need to enter new cards into the system. How do I do that?

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There are three pieces of information that are needed to enter new cards into the Brivo database.

  1. The card number. This is usually printed on the card.

  2. The bit format. This is usually provided on the box the cards came in.

  3. The facility code. This is usually provided on the box the cards came in.

If you are unsure of one or all of these pieces of information:

  1. Swipe the first card at one of your readers.

  2. Log into your Brivo account and review the Activity Log. You should see a message that says, for example:

  3. Failed Access: Unknown Credential
    Hex: 2a4bd3 Bits: 26

    NOTE: Gen III (ACS 3000) panels do not provide bit length in the activity log.

  4. Access the Card Calculator. This tool is a best effort for determining non-proprietary card formats. To use the calculator:

  • Choose the bit format from the drop down menu. This should match the bit format listed in the Activity Log.
  • Cut and Paste the hex value into the Hex field.
  • Press the Calculate button. This will provide you with needed information.

Once you have the three pieces of information needed to enter new cards:

  1. In the Brivo interface under the Cards link, click Add Cards:

  2. Choose the correct bit format.

  3. First External Number is the card number you just calculated.

  4. Last External Number is the last card in a sequence if you want to enter more than one card at a time. They must be numerically sequential with no gaps for this to work.

  5. First Internal Number is used rarely. If the external card numbers are offset from the internal card numbers then this field is used. For example, if the card calculator says the card number is 120, but 40 is printed on the card, then enter the internal card number as 120 in this field and 40 in the First External Number field.

  6. Facility Code is entered here. Some card formats do not require facility codes, but most do. If an incorrect facility code is entered, it cannot be edited. NOTE: Cards cannot be edited. They must be deleted and then recreated from scratch.

  7. Click save. You will be asked to confirm your data one final time. Do so and your new cards are now added to the card bank for use.

If after entering the new cards into the system, you continue to see a Failed Access error, you may have a card using a proprietary card format. You can still use this card using the Unknown Cards feature, following these steps.

  1. Under the cards section, click on the Unknown Cards link. NOTE: This feature is not available to accounts using Gen III (ACS3000) panels.

  2. You will see the hex value listed for your propriety card. In the hex value column, click on the actual hex value. This calls up the Add Unknown Cards page.

  3. Enter your identifier into the Card Identifier field.

  4. Click add card and this card is now in the card bank and may be assigned to users.

I need to log into the Admin Port of the ACS5000 panel. How do I do that?

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To log into the admin interface of the ACS5000 panel, you will need the following equipment:

  • Laptop with its network settings set to DHCP.
  • Network cable (crossover or straight-through)
  1. Connect the laptop to the ACS5000 panel via the network cable. Choose the ADMIN port on the ACS5000 panel. This is the middle Ethernet jack.

  2. Access your Internet browser and type in If this does not work, type in

  3. The login page will appear:

    Login: cli
    Password: new5cli

  4. The ACS5000 Administrative Interface will appear. You have successfully logged into the panel.

How do I activate a wireless panel?

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There are several pieces of information necessary before calling Technical Support to activate an ACS5000 wireless panel.

  • CP number of the ACS5000 wireless panel
  • The Account name
  • The Dealer name
  • The SIM card number from the ACS5000 wireless panel

    To locate the SIM card number, remove the SIM card from the ACS5000 wireless panel. The SIM card is a small black square with a yellow ejector button located at the top of the ACS5000 wireless panel about three inches from the top left corner. Press on the yellow ejector button to remove the small black plastic square. The SIM card itself can be removed from the black plastic housing by pressing your thumb against the front of the black square. A 20-digit SIM card identifier is printed on the white SIM card.

  1. Call Brivo Technical Support 1-866-274-8648, option 3, and request that a SIM card be activated. Technical Support will request the information listed above.

  2. When finished with Technical Support, return the white SIM card to its black plastic housing and reseat the SIM card on the ACS5000 wireless panel. If the SIM card is not reseated, the panel will not be able to communicate.

Once the information is entered, it takes between 15 and 30 minutes for an ACS5000 wireless panel to go live.

We need to change the Master Administrator on our account.

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If the Master Admin ID is appropriate for reuse (for example AcmeCorp01), you may simply log into the account and change the details such as name, email address, telephone number, etc.

If the Master Admin ID is not reusable (for example JohnSmith01) AND you have access to the Master Admin account, then to change the Master Administrator on the account, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Master Admin Account.

  2. Go to the Account tab.

  3. Under Senior Administrator, click on the NEW link.

  4. Create a new Senior Administrator with the new Admin ID you desire.

  5. Send a fax on company letterhead containing the following information:

    a. Old Master Admin ID to be replaced
    b. New Senior Admin ID to replace it

  6. This letter must also be signed by authorized personnel.

  7. Fax this information to 1-301-664-5264.

  8. The turnaround time is 48-72 hours.

If you no longer have access to the Master Admin account:

  1. Send a fax on company letterhead with the following information:
    a. First Name
    b. Last Name
    c. Email address
    d. Phone number
    e. New Admin ID (user name)
    f. New password (6-30 chars)
    g. Security Question
    h. Security Answer

  2. You must also provide a copy of a picture ID for the new Master Administrator.

  3. This letter must also be signed by authorized personnel.

  4. Fax this information to 1-301-664-5264.

  5. The turn around time for this change is 48-72 hours.

How do I upload information into my Brivo panel?

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For ACS5000-E (Ethernet connected) panels:

Please refer to the Brivo Data Upload guide (PDF, 44kb) for further instructions on data uploads concerning our ACS5000-E panels.

For ACS5000-S (Stand Alone) panels:

  1. At the main login page, click on the System tab.

  2. From the left menu, click on Import User Data. NOTE: Importing user data from a flat file is often an error-prone process, therefore it is strongly recommended that you save a backup of the current database.

  3. Click Browse and select the file to import. NOTE: This file MUST be a tab delimited text file.

  4. Click the Import button.

  5. Select the appropriate category for each column (for example First Name, Last Name, Card Number, Group).

  6. Select the appropriate Input Date Format from the drop down menu.

  7. If you are creating groups, check the Create Groups checkbox.

  8. If adding cards, select the appropriate card format from the drop-down menu.

  9. Add the correct facility code for the cards being imported.

  10. Click on the Start Import button.

How will Daylight Savings Time affect my Brivo equipment?

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Brivo OnAir control panels (ACS3000, ACS4000-E/W, ACS5000-E, ACS5000-W/G) require no modifications.

ACS OnSite control panels (ACS5000-S) must be running firmware version 1.0.4 or later. ACS OnSite firmware updates are available on our Downloads page.

Dedicated Micros DVRs require updated firmware to comply. Access the Technical Bulletin on the Dedicated Micros website under "Technical Updates". Please note if you are using Password Protected video, it will need to be disabled pending an upcoming version of the firmware to resolve an existing confict.

Speco Technologies DVRs require updated firmware to comply. Please see Speco Technologies Upgrade Instructions for more information.

I have forgotten my password and can't log in to my Brivo account.

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Once you’ve created a security question/answer, you will be able to accomplish a self reset password. You will also need to know your Admin ID before following these simple steps:

  1. Click on "forgot your password" under administrator login page
  2. Enter Admin ID followed by security question/answer
    Note: If the question and answer are unknown, administrators can update the information in the Account tab under the Password link
  3. An email will be sent to the email address on file, for the Admin ID previously entered