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Brivo Online Access Control Systems provides religious institutions a cost-effective, robust access control solution.

Brivo Online Access Control is the ideal security solution for churches and other religious institutions. Our cost-effective, Web-hosted access control solutions provide reliable, real-time access control of your church facilities, while eliminating the need for a costly infrastructure and IT staff.

Benefits for Religious Institutions

Here are just some of the benefits that religious institutions will realize with Brivo Online Access Control Systems.

  • Easy Card Management: Easily revoke cards and PINs from staff and contractors without the hassle of managing keys and re-keying locks.
  • Automatic Door Timers:  Church administrators no longer have to be present to open sanctuary doors for services.
  • Reduced Internal IT Functions: Get powerful access control without the IT hassles—all IT maintenance and software updates are managed professionally by Brivo.
  • Special Event and Group Access:  Assign special security credentials for special group meetings and events and instantly revoke access across all facilities and doors.
  • No Unsightly Wiring and Equipment: Maintain the beauty of the sanctuary and facilities with our unobtrusive wireless control panels.














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Case Studies

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ACS WebService has been working very well and has an extremely easy to use interface. One of the best benefits has been the ability to know who’s coming and going and at what times from just about anywhere. Better yet, no more trips to the church to unlock a door for a meeting – just a couple of clicks on my home computer does it!

Brian Barrett
Bethel United Church of Christ Administrator

Web-hosted access control was key…software upgrades and system maintenance are performed without a service call and training on the use of the system is a snap.

Dan Cosgrove
Account Executive, Initial Electronics, Inc.

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